May 18, 2018

Import Regulations for Engines, Vessels & Off-Road Vehicles


Import Regulations for Engines, Vessels & Off-Road Vehicles The Government of Canada regulates emissions from recreational engines, vessels, and off-road vehicles. This includes marine vessels, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and snowmobiles. Mandated by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) details emission standards for air pollutants and toxic substances from fuel

Apr 5, 2018

Daffodils | Flower Logistics & Keeping Flowers Fresh

Freight Forwarding

Flower Logistics and The Daffodil Campaign Every April, the Canadian Cancer Society holds their annual daffodil campaign to honour Canadians who have been affected by cancer and to raise money in support of research, education, advocacy, and care initiatives. Millions of daffodils are distributed for sale through grocery stores and other retail outlets. But have

Jun 29, 2017

CBSA Increasing Compliance Audits on Importers


CBSA Increasing Compliance Audits on Importers As a result of the 2017 Spring Auditor General’s Report, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is stepping up their border enforcement measures and increasing compliance audits on Importers. Recommendations to the CBSA from the Auditor General include: Collecting proper descriptions of imported goods at the time of entry; Increasing

Apr 25, 2017

Importing Vessels under CETA


The Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a bilateral free trade agreement between Canada and the EU. Entering into force on September 21, 2017, it reduces and eliminates duties across all sectors of the economy. But how is the importation of commercial vessels and ships affected? In this post, we take a look

Sep 16, 2016

Update | Imported Fabricated Industrial Steel Components


CBSA Investigates Imported Fabricated Industrial Steel Components Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced it will launch investigations into unfair pricing practices related to the importation of fabricated industrial steel components (referred to as FISC). Specifically, CBSA will investigate FISC being imported from China, Korea, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom into