Importers and exporters are ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with import/export laws and regulations related to their shipments and declarations made to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

CBSA manages trade compliance on Tariff Classification, Valuation and Origin programs by performing audits either randomly or through risk-based verification priorities. Targeted goods may be carried over from previous years or newly added throughout the year.

A full list of the targeted goods on the verification priority audit schedule can be found under our Resources section here. The full listing with findings may also be found on CBSA’s website.

If you have already been contacted by CBSA concerning an audit, PF Collins can help by representing your company throughout the process, increasing your chances of obtaining a favourable outcome. We can also assist in helping you establish a customs compliance program to ensure maximum compliance with CBSA’s trade programs, as well as minimized costs associated with audits.

For more information on audit assistance, continue reading the targeted goods list or visit the Compliance Consulting section on our site.